Every organ has an associated sound in which the organ resonates with.

"0415" by KK Null, From "Fertile" (2007)



出生三十年, I’ve been in the world for thirty years,

當遊千萬里。 And I must have traveled a million miles.

行江青草合, Walked by rivers where the green grass grows thick,

入塞紅塵起。 And entered the frontier where the red dust rises.

鍊藥空求仙, Purified potions in vain search for immortality,

讀書兼詠史。 Read books and perused the histories.

今日歸寒山, Today I return to Cold Mountain,

枕流兼洗耳。 Pillow myself on the creek and wash out my ears.

by Han Shan 寒山








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